Cadeau Box – Surprise inside for him or her

Cadeau Box – Surprise inside for him or her

Hey.!! Hope you all are doing well. I am back with the new post. Honestly telling you that this time I struggled a lot while writing title for this post. But thanks to google 😛 for helping me out and I finished my search with the word CADEAU BOX. Cadeau puts a decidedly exotic twist in my today’s post. ‘Cadeau‘ originated from french which means Gift/Present. Yes you got it right !! Today I am going to discuss about the CadeauBox which consists of multiple goodies based on any theme.

Who don’t love to be surprised.? I guess everybody do and I feel that Life is better with surprises.  Almost all of us struggle while choosing present or giving surprise to our dear ones for any kind of occasion. But Why to worry 🙂 when we can assemble few goodies in a cute packaged CadeauBox ! Surprise your loved ones or yourself with carefully curated collection of exclusive products. And the products inside the box could be based on any theme like beauty, lifestyle, fashion, food etc.

I got my CadeauBox from one of my friend and you won’t believe it was amazing to see the accessories inside the box. On top of it packaging was so adorable that at first i thought not to open the box and keep it as it is but at the same time i was curious to see what inside the box. My box based on Overlay Theme and each item in the box i can easily use on daily basis. See what i got 🙂


iphone 6s plus case superwoman

Earphone Case

ear phone case on street styling

earphone case on street styling

Strawberry Shaped Tea Infuser

This infuser is cutest among all the other items i got in the box. It will always remind me to have my green tea 🙂

green tea infuser

Data Cable Entangler with Rabbit Face

It will keep my data cable tangle free. In addition to this there is one rabbit ear wire holder. Most of times we leave our charger with the charging point and wire touches on the floor. This ear holder will help to keep it safe. We can simple insert our cable in rabbit ear wire holder. Isn’t it ccool:)

wire cable entangler on street styling

Coffee Mug Lid Cover

I would love to use this lid just because of the beautiful piggy handle on top of it. 🙂 More over it is unbreakable and made of rubber unlike other lid covers.

coffee mug lid on street styling

If you want to assemble the box do let us know we can help you in this. Also please share in the comments section what theme or products you will choose to present to your special someone. 🙂

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Have a great weekend..!! 🙂


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  1. Nice one Deepti!

  2. Nice. I think that’s the perfect solution when you can’t figure out what should we gift to our dear ones. I am definitely going to order one😊

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