Beating Dry and Frizzy Hair with Forest Essentials : Review

Beating Dry and Frizzy Hair with Forest Essentials : Review

Just like every human being, no two heads of hair are the same. Using the wrong products often make your hair locks dull and dehydrated and that’s why it’s typically frustrating to find something that actually you can trust on. I could never be satisfied with any shampoo and conditioner which could actually work best for my scalp and hair strands. Finally my search stopped with forest essentials. FOREST ESSENTIALS is a luxurious Ayurveda brand and offers ayurvedic beauty products for men and women.

Last month I made my visit to the store and got Bhringraj and Shikakai hair cleanser and conditioner which claims to control frizziness, hair thinning and breakage. At first I was in dilemma whether to buy it or not but the authentic ayurvedic formulation of product forced me to give it a try. After treating my hair with forest essentials I noticed drastic change in my hair texture so I thought of sharing my experience with you. Let’s Begin. 🙂

Product Details
Hair Cleanser Bhringraj & Shikakai

organic hair cleanser forest essentialsPrice : INR 1175

Quantity : 200 ml

Major Ingredients: Reetha Extract, Bhringraj, Shikakai, Licorice

Hair Conditioner Bhringraj & Shikakai

hair conditioner forest essentials

Price : INR 1295

Quantity : 200 ml

Major Ingredients: Kalonji, Bhringraj, Shikakai, Licorice, Coconut Milk


I have been using it since 1 month now and I see a very gradual but slow turn around time with respect to my dry hair concern. I see that the texture of my hair has improved and the frizziness is going away with continuous usage. This product is best for those who have oily scalp and dry tips. It don’t lather much but it clean your scalp and leaves behind the smooth locks. One point to mention here is that it takes large volume to wash especially after oiling to get rid of excess grease.

The cleanser and conditioner come in a rectangle shaped bottle with golden cap on it. The packaging is sleek so you can easily carry the bottle during travel. The shampoo is of green color and not very viscous whereas the conditioner is milky and thick as compared to shampoo. 

Overall, I am extremely happy with how this product has helped me improving my hair quality. However 200ml product for 1175 bucks might sound a little expensive but for completely chemical free and organic product I wouldn’t mind spending on it at all. I definitely recommend you to check this product out as it really makes a difference to the hair texture. I personally love it!

  • Make your hair smoother and shiner
  • Don’t make your hair greasy
  • Less hair fall
  • Best for oily scalp and dry tips
  • All ingredients are ayurvedic
  • PARABEN and SLS free
  • Don’t lather much and take large volume to wash.

You can buy these products from here.

Let me know if the same works for you or not. Please write up in the comment section below.


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