7 summer essentials for every damsel n dame

7 summer essentials for every damsel n dame

Weather is already heated up. And you can’t avoid to go to public places when the weather outside is hot and humid. In short you can’t stay out of sun and this commonsense approach isn’t always easy to adhere. If you are travelling or can’t really avoid stepping out of your house then carry few things in your purse before exposing to sun. I am providing you the list of summer essentials that will really help you to make your travel or outing hassle free.


No face wash, no water, no hassles! It’s the most easiest way to get rid off gunk and be selfie ready on hot summer days. It helps you to make your skin moist on the go. Also, the wet wipes are perfect for all the lazy souls out there who just refuse to walk to the bathroom to wash off their make up.

But, care has to be taken while picking a face tissue based on your skin type and the brand. lets move on to my favourite brands.

Clean n clear wipes, karafacial wipes, Neutrogena Deep Clean- Oil Free Make Up Remover

facial wipes for summer


As India is blessed with hot summers which are truly “too hot to handle” and along with these summers, come skin problems! Just like me. Sometimes sensitive skin feels like a curse :/ but thanks to aroma magic cucumber sunscreen lotion which is truly a blessing for me and gals believe me this lotion is soo soothing to my skin. On top of it, it don’t leave behind greasy layer on skin. I would personally recommend you to use sunscreen with SPF 50. But if you dont use SPF50 please make sure to buy sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 at least.



There are couple of key items makes getting dressed a breeze, even when you’re going from beach to bar and back again! Shades are one of them. It makes you look stylish and protect your eyes. Gals don’t forget to carry sunglasses before exposing to sun. Stay stylish and safe this summer. Browse through our awesome collection of sunnies here.

sun glasses street style


With the temps soaring, dry chapped lips can ruin your beach vacation or sporting weekend. Your lips are the first to fall prey to dehydration and sunburn, so protecting them with a lip balm that nourishes and protects from all facets of the weather is essential. Protect and hydrate your pout with a pleasant lipbalm. There are huge range of lipbalms available in the market. You can choose any color as per your taste :P. One biggest advantage to apply flavored lip balms are you dont really find need to put lipshade or any kind of make up on your lips.


Summer Scarf:

Scarves are not only to provide a shade but they are also a great accessory to spice up any outfit!  During the day try using your scarf as a hair accessory. You can tie your scarf as a bandanna or you can use your scarf to add a pop of color on a simple outfit. It’s super trendy and looks pretty cool too. Take the scarf and simply wrap a few times any way you like. Stay cool n stylish :)*

summer scarf

Hair Ties:

Hair ties are necessary evils because we all know how unbearable the heat can get sometimes, don’t we?

Hair ties street style

Mini Mist or Deodrant

I recommend a mini bottle of perfume as it’s light-weight, effective, easy to carry  and oh-so-tiny.

mini perfume street style


Stay cool this summer 🙂



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